Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dreaded Weather

Last weekend (like Sunday), I was looking at the weather report and I was delighted to see that it was Capri and cute-little-sandal weather, until I got to Wednesday. It's cold and rainy, and it is supposed to stay cold and rainy until Friday.

Everything is affected by this mild chilly and wet weather. My hair goes from cute to frizz and/or flat. I have to wear pants that do not come any where near a mud puddle, or I will have splashes up the back of my legs. I'm short, so that's a feat in itself. I have to plan my route to class to avoid the walkways with construction, otherwise "Hello Mud!" It's just tragic really, rain ruins what could have been a fabulous day!

On another note, I went grocery shopping last night and I am pleased to say that I only bought items that were low calorie and had a reasonable Weight Watchers point value.

I had every intention of getting up an hour earlier than normal and working out this morning, except I forgot to turn the alarm on. Oops! Luckily my internal clock screamed "peeeee" at 6:30 or I would have been very late for work this morning.

Sadly, I made it. I trudged to my office in the rain, and I'm out of refreshments. Thank goodness there is a cafe in this building, I'm off to get some fresh java. No sugar or milk though....too many points!



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