Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slow Moving.......

The bathroom renovation project is taking a little longer than I thought. Apparently 13 degree weather and paint do not go together. We painted the drawers to the vanity last night and the paint was not wanting to stay in one place, forming ugly runs all over the place. We gave up until today, it's supposed to be warmer this evening. The good news is that when we checked them this morning, it appeared that we had done a good job of 'fending off' any runs, so there isn't any sanding in my future. Thank goodness! Sanding is messy.

On a much happier note, they are calling for mid-70's temperatures all weekend! Can you hear me screaming loudly over here? Oh yeah! I am excited to open up some windows, do a little spring cleaning, and give my car a good cleaning too. It will be so nice to be outside without a jacket on, and getting some much needed chores done around the house.

Oh, and before I forget...stop by Mrs. Newlywed's blog and enter her fabulous giveaway for a great prize! HINT: It's a tote! I love totes!



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