Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Off

I left work early yesterday to get my car inspected. I did not realize how hard it was to get a vehicle inspected. My car is 2 years old, yet they kept picking things apart and wanting to charge me an arm and a leg to fix something that wasn't really broken. I got new windshield wipers about 2 weeks ago, I took the car to get inspected last Saturday, and the guy told me I needed new windshield wipers, they would be $54, that included instillation. I wanted to say "Excuse me, can you tell me if the word idiot is written on my forehead?" Windshield wipers are generally $20, so is the other $34 considered labor for a 15 minute 'job' I could do myself? I really, honestly think that they thought because I was a girl, I would just pay to have it done. WRONG! I'm a strong willed woman, and I will not be taken advantage of...thankyouverymuch!

I found a nice little garage yesterday, and the man was finished inspecting it in 15 minutes - it was painless and I was relieved! After leaving the garage, the only suitable way to relieve stress that came to mind was a manicure. :)

I took today off too. I slept until 10 am and cleaned up a bit. I'm getting ready to go to a new gift shop in the neighboring town to see if I can find my SIL a birthday present. Tonight we're all going to dinner and drinks to celebrate. Then tomorrow I'm going to really clean the house good, like full on makeover. I'm having a dinner/Wii party, and friends are coming that haven't been here before, I want them to think I'm not a slob!

I'm off to take my time getting ready because I have all the time in the world, how fabulous!?! I rarely ever have a day where I can lounge around, without a million and one chores and errands to run.



Jessica said...

Oh, a day off...I'm jealous! Have fun!!!

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