Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Thing Friday (A.K.A FTF)

Allow me to introduce. . . . . . First Thing Friday!

I thought it would be neat to come up with some sort of picture and/or word post that included a day of the week. I thought about catchy titles, and all that goes along with creating a Daily Post Topic, and I have finally come up with something I like. It is called First Thing Friday.

What is First Thing Friday?
First Thing Friday is a way to share with your blogging friends either creatively using pictures, or generically using words.

How does First Thing Friday work?
On Wednesdays I, Miss. Beach Bound, will post 3 First Thing Friday Words. Then you, the blogger, will take those 3 words, and post the first thing that comes to mind when you hear them. Your post should be posted on Friday, you will have Wednesday, and Thursday to draft it. Finally, you comment on my (Miss. Beach Bounds) First Thing Friday post (to be posted every Friday morning at exactly 7:30 am), and let other FTF blogger friends know you participated.

Can I have an Example?
Sure! If the weeks words were:
1) Beach
2) Ice Cream
3) Calendar

First - You would create a post titled First Thing Friday # (the number it is for you, the 1st one you've done, etc), or something like that.

Second - You would post about each word.

My mom and I took an amazing trip to the beach in April. We had a fabulous time relaxing. It was exciting to get to spend a girls weekend away reading our favorite novels, walking on the beach early in the morning, and swimming late at night.

Ice Cream
I love Dairy Queen ice cream! I think I like the way the ice cream looks on the cone the best. It's so neat, it never leans, and it always tastes fabulous! I especially love the chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Yum!

I have a 19 Month Planner from the Jacqueline Savage McFee Hot Chocolate Collection, and without it - I would be lost! I love this collection because it is stylish and cute. They make binders, folders, journals, notebooks, post its, and a whole lot more. Check it out!

Third - Return to Miss. Beach Bound's FTF and leave a comment so I, and all the other participants know you participated!

Get it? No? Yes!
If you have questions, you can comment on this post and ask away
or e-mail me at miss.beach.bound@gmail.com

Here are some header images for you to use.
Please save them to your computer.


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