Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Good Day turns into a BAD DAY

I have a confession to make. I was a bad student yesterday, I skipped class. I have better reasons than the fact that is was too cold. I had some work that needed to get done, and somewhere along the way I forgot about getting prepared for class. When I eventually realized I needed to get ready, it was too late and I would have been walking into class right in the middle of her lecture. I am not too much for public embarrassment, and considering how my day ended up yesterday - I probably would have tripped over my own feet and landed head first in front of the entire class.

Yes, yesterday was a good day that ended up being just another plain old crappy day! I had a horrible headache before lunch so I called my ever trustworthy chiropractor and moved my Thursday appointment to yesterday afternoon. I left work at 3:30 and was in and out of his office in record time. I decided that I would do a little shopping at Target before heading home. I was full of excitement after snatching a beautiful brown bed skirt for only $7.98, and 2 tie-up shades for $14.99 each, along with 2 faux leather storage totes for "neat and tidy" organization on clearance for an unheard of $8.98 each, normally $29.99. I was overcome with excitement while driving home thinking about my great finds, and finishing up my bedroom.

I got home and unloaded the car. My Mom and I were talking as I was cutting the little plastic thingy that held the zipper shut on the bed skirt. I unpacked the bed skirt and admired the deal I got and laid it to the side, as it had a considerable amount wrinkles. We started with hanging a curtain on each window and steaming the creases out of them and attempting to tie them up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to tie the nice little bows in the tie up shade? My rendering looked nothing like the cute little picture on the package, which I have now decided it never will. We ended up taking them down and deciding they were going back to Target, it was ridiculous to think that bows could be tied correctly with strings that run vertically! Right? Or am I the only one who can't do this?

By now Mom and I were starving, we decided to run out for a quick bite and a trip to the grocery store, as we both needed to bring birthday goodies for co-workers. When we got back home I decided to start working on the bed skirt. I was collecting all the packing materials and the curtains, which we so casually tossed aside. When I picked everything up I realized the scissors were laying on the bed. I picked them up, and to my surprise there was ink all over my new comforter. There was about a 4 inch spread of dark blue ink spots. Apparently the scissors had been shoved down in the pen container on my desk, which I now know is home to a leaky pen. I blood curdling scream, tears....the whole nine yards. My Mom came running in with a trusty can of hair spray, and the ink is almost all gone. There is one little tiny spot that only I can see, but nonetheless - I know it's there.

I got nothing accomplished. After feverishly cleaning the ink Mom went to work on her Banana cake while I vegetated on the couch and watched TiVo'ed episodes of my favorite shows. Around midnight I realized it was way past my bed time and I hadn't even made my cupcakes for work. I gave up.....I sulked to my bedroom only to find that the dog had puked on my freshly cleaned rug. I was ready to boil over the edge. He's a good dog, he rarely ever misbehaves. I didn't get mad and yell at him. Mom and I cleaned it up. Then I decided to give the curtains one more try. I laid a curtain out on my bed, folded it how I imagined it looking and tied bows that looked pretty good. I pulled the rod down and hung the curtain up, and it looked great. I had finally accomplished what I had set out to do 6 hours earlier. I crawled into bed, and crashed. The next thing I remember was waking up this morning.

Of course, on the way to work I had to stop and pick up a dozen donuts. I have a co-workers from another country (not to be mentioned). Apparently in the "not to be mentioned country" they do not practice being tactful and having manners. One said "Oh, I thought you were bringing cupcakes?" I said 'No, time got away from me so I had to improvise'. Another co-worker who is very American, if you get my drift, made a nice little comment about how she hoped someone else didn't bring doughnuts too. I really wanted to say "Why? It looks like you don't have a problem shoving food down your throat", but that would have been mean, right? There are 6 of us in this office, and we are celebrating 2 of their birthdays today, that means 4 of us had to bring food, and we all told the other what we were bringing - nobody told me they were bringing doughnuts, so you know what? I don't care.

Today better not involve any ink stains, puke or crying. I just don't think I can handle it. I have my official Teacher Education pinning this evening, say a prayer for me, the rate I'm going I just might embarrass myself on stage!



Jessica said...

Sounds rough! Glad you made it through!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

tootie said...

Hope your teacher pinning went well! Congrats!

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