Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rantings and Rubbish

Drum roll pinning ceremony went perfect. No tripping and embarrassing myself in front of a room full of future colleagues. Thank goodness!

On another note, as I was walking across campus today on my way to class I was observing the scenes around me and I had this wonderful idea for a blog rants about college campuses, and more appropriately the behavior of college students.
  • Construction equipment randomly placed near sidewalks. I realize construction is an integral part of a growing campus, but must it be parked on the very edge of the sidewalk so when a Facilities utility cart goes buzzing by you practically have to climb it to avoid being run over?

  • Conversations that do not need to be overheard. I swear to you, yesterday on my walk to class I heard one girl say to another "She used all my frickin' tampons and didn't even replace them. I mean seriously, how you gonna disrespect me like that? I was sitting on the toilet and didn't have a damn tampon!" Did she think me and the other students traveling down that sidewalk wanted to hear her tampon crisis? I especially did not want to picture her sitting on the toilet searching her trusty bathroom vanity for a tampon.

  • Lack of respect and appropriate dress. We had presentations yesterday in my class, the assignment was to present an activity to the class which you would do as a teacher with your elementary school students. One of the girls who presented came into class late and made a ton of noise while another student was presenting. Then when it was her turn to present she stood up in front of the class in her Ugg boots and sweatpants, with her belly button piercing hanging out of her three sizes too small shirt. Lets not mention that her bra was a dark color and her shirt was a very light color. She was totally unprepared. It was evident that she did not follow directions or put a lot of thought into the assignment. She didn't even have enough copies of the material for all the students to participate. Do we want her teaching our kids?

  • Temperature. They just can't seem to get the temperature right in any building. If it is the dead of winter (in Charlotte, NC that is like anywhere between 30 and 40 degrees), they the the temperature in the classroom set like as if it were 100 outside. The AC is blasting, and while I'm shivering and my lips are turning blue, instead of listening to the teacher I am trying to decide if it is colder outside or inside.

  • General Manners. I could write about how most of the college students are rude, but that is not completely true. However, there are quite a few who see you with your hands full and let the door close in your face. Then there is the Library, there are 4 doors to enter and exit. They will be approaching the entrance and see you coming from inside the lobby approaching to exit. Instead of waiting for you to come out the door, they grab it and try to slide in before you are completely out. Maybe they don't see the other three doors. Is that even possible? My personal favorite happened today. I was sitting in the back of the lecture hall listening intently as the professor lectured about different social problems. A girl came and sat at a desk that was randomly sitting in the hallway and began reading out of her notebook. It was fine, until about 10 of her friends showed up and they began having a loud conversation that involved a lot of laughing and no regard for the lecture hall of 150+ students that were trying to learn something. I gave them one of those looks that says 'Um hello, use your common sense', and they got the hint and lowered the volume. I would have closed the door, but I feared being frozen to my seat by the temperature in the room.

That's all. I think 5 is a good number to stop at. I am the average age of a college student, and to be honest - some of the things I see on a daily basis just baffle me!



MissBliss said...

This is so funny; I am often bewildered myself on my own campus.

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