Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Changed Woman

After 6 years of wearing glasses, very fashionable glasses, I have switched to contacts. I love them! I always feared I wouldn't be able to get my finger close enough to my eye to get the contact in, but so far - I haven't had any trouble. It takes a little bit of patience, but with each passing day it gets easier. If you have glasses, and you are thinking about getting contacts - go for it! They're great!

I can wear regular sunglasses, and even better - I don't have a glare on my computer screen anymore. :)

The beach trip was awesome. We really relaxed and just enjoyed it. We didn't see anything related to the wildfires except for a few helicopters. The area of devastation was mainly a gated community, so you couldn't get in to see anything. I enjoyed it so much that I am planning another trip in 2 weeks with a friend. I love the beach!

On another note, I was down 1.8 last night, for a total of 11.6 total! :)

Hope your Tuesday is Fabulous! :)


Jessica said...

I don't have to wear glasses or contacts, but I just think I would be terrified to wear contacts!

I need to plan a trip to the beach...sounds like SO much fun!

tootie said...

I love my contacts so much! Glad you are enjoying them!

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