Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Trip

I have been excited all week about my trip to the beach with my Mom this weekend.

Remember this post on Wednesday? Some of you may have realized that I live in the Carolinas' and I would likely be heading somewhere near Myrtle Beach, SC.
BINGO! That is exactly where I am going.

Guess what? On Wednesday (the same day I wrote that post) a wildfire started and it has been a raging inferno since then.

This is what a raging inferno looks like......
(All photos courtesy of The Sun News)

We are still going, however; we are taking the long way around the closed roads, and not heading north of our hotel until tomorrow, when hopefully it is more under control.

Some the recent reports I have read say that over 15,000 acres and 70 homes have been destroyed. Entire communities have burnt. I do not believe the cause of the fire has been determined. During this time, I encourage all of you to keep the families of those affected, and the emergency workers responding to the calls in your prayers.

I'm leaving work at Noon (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes) to head that way, and I'm not taking my laptop. I am going to liberate myself and leave it at home, of course I will have my Blackberry - so I will definitely be posting on Twitter.



Jessica said...

Have fun!!!! I'm so jealous!

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