Friday, May 1, 2009

The Infamous Never Ending To-Do List

I am one of those people who is a little obsessive about making lists and sticking to them. I honestly think a list keeps me organized and prepared, for me a list is the smallest effort to accomplish everything I need to do.

Because it is the end of the semester for school and the beginning of the month at work, I have more to do than time to get it done. Seriously! A co-worker walked in my office this afternoon and said “Wow, I can see the wood on the top of your desk”. Sadly, he’s right – my desk has been covered for weeks, and today I organized my mess into neat little piles. I didn’t get a lot accomplished, but hey – there is always Monday. At least I can see the wood on the top of my desk, right?

I combine my list for home and work on one sheet and carry it in my purse for convenience. That way I can look at it over the weekend and dread coming to work on Monday add things that I suddenly remember while watching TV and relaxing.

My list, which I started today, looks something like this:

  • Clean/Organize desk
  • Process ***** paperwork by 3 pm
  • Draft and send e-mail to pesky employees about nagging situation
  • Process and approve April time cards
  • E-Mail exam # 2 study guide to home e-mail account
  • Call **** and ask random questions regarding extracurricular activity that I am planning for my volunteer thingy I do.
  • Take Exam #1 by Friday night at midnight
  • Study for Exam #2
  • Grocery Shop
  • Dust and Sweep
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shop
  • Wash/Wax Car
  • Buy present for friend that is moving away
  • Clean junk out of car
  • Go to Ikea and Barnes and Noble
  • Update Process Manual for ******* **** Paperwork
  • Start preparing tables and fields for new fiscal year database
  • Write Memo for **** & ****** time card explaining situation to Payroll
  • Update database with new entries online

Sorry about the asterisks, you know I have to protect the every famous identity. I’m just kidding about the famous part. If I was famous, I wouldn’t be making lists, my personal assistant would.

Yep, I’ve got a lot to do this weekend, and yep – I’m boring. I know.



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