Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogging Interruption

Sorry about that! I have no idea what happened, but I submitted my issue to the Blogger help team, and I'm back!

It's sad, but without my blog, I felt a little out of the loop! I couldn't read my regular bloggers, and I couldn't post anything.

Now that I'm back I'm going to do a little Weekend Update.

After last week, a.k.a. the week that felt like FOREVER, I needed to rest this weekend. Friday night was nice and quiet with a quick trip to Taco Bell for some yummy fresco style low-fat tacos, and a stroll around the grocery store to grab a few necessities.

On Saturday we had doggy doctor (vet) appointment bright and early. The worst part was it was hot and the dog cannot ride in the car with the windows up. He is a Great Dane. Big, huge, slobbery dog! Eh, but I love him anyway! In the evening I had planned a night out with friends, and as expected - it was fun! With all of our busy lives, it seems like we never find time to get together and just hang out anymore.

Sunday was a lazy/busy day. It was supposed to be lazy, but it ended up busy with some shopping that needed to be done for an upcoming trip. Yes, a "vacation" of sorts.

On Friday, my Mom and I are driving 9 hours to the north (our hometown) for a family get together. We're not telling anyone in our family because we want it to be a surprise, and even more so - if we tell them they will all want to make dinner plans, and our "vacation" will turn into a busy whirlwind weekend with no rest and relaxation. And, if I recall correctly, aren't you supposed to rest and relax on your vacation?

I'm sure it will be fun, hectic, and exhausting! I called and made the hotel reservations today, and sometime this week I will need to find the time to do laundry and pack a bag.

Hustle Bustle, as always! Weigh-in tonight!!


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