Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye 30 Pounds!

It is hard to believe that on March 30th I weighed 30 pounds more than I do now, it was only 3 1/2 months ago. I can tell you this though, it feels great!

I am very self conscious about my personal appearance, so when people compliment me I don't know what to say. Don't get me wrong, it's nice - but I'm not a very self-gratifying person. I don't stand in front of my bathroom mirror and say "Damn, I'm hot!" You know what I mean? So when someone says to me "You look fabulous!" or "Wow, you are lookin' good slim!" I have no idea what to say. I want to say "It's hard work", but I don't want to be negative either. I generally just resort to the normal "Thank you".

I thought about what I wanted to share with this post. I decided that I wanted to give people a reason to decide to take a chance and attend a Weight Watchers meeting. When people ask me how I'm doing it, I always tell them that I'm attending Weight Watchers meetings. The normal response is "I can't do it" or "I don't have time" and my personal favorite - "It's too hard." First, let me tell you this, if I can do it - anybody can!

There are 3 reasons I decided to join Weight Watchers:
  1. I wanted to improve my self-image and gain more self-confidence. (A.K.A. I didn't want to feel ugly in a bathing suit)

  2. I wanted to learn how and what to eat. This one is especially important, because in order to loose weight and maintain your new healthy lifestyle - you have to learn to like and eat healthy foods.

  3. I wanted stress relief. I know it sounds silly, but I stress about everything - even things I cannot control. Weight loss was something that I could control, so it seems to be a stress reliever for me. Every time I step on the scale and I loose a little weight, I feel more confident, energized, and less stressed. Of course, if I ever gain I will stress. But I won't give up!
Part of the success I have experienced is due in part to my Mom. She is also attending Weight Watchers meetings. I have found that the "buddy system" truly works. It is nice to be able to talk to her about my frustrations with what to eat or how much to exercise. She has been a very positive influence on me because I have seen her shed weight and look fabulous - so I know it can be done. She doesn't have as much to loose as I do, but she doesn't let that deter me or her. She is always pushing me to do my best, and I am doing the same for her. Having a buddy to do Weight Watchers with you is motivating. To date, my Mom has lost 25 pounds.

So, I am going to end my 'sales pitch' here and thank all of you who have encouraged me and continue to encourage me. My journey is not over yet, in fact - I have 43.2 more pounds to loose. I am looking forward to the day I hit my goal weight!

Loosing weight makes shopping fun!


tootie said...

You are an inspiration! 30 lbs is awesome! I hope you give yourself, at the very least, a huge pat on the back!!

Miss. Beach Bound said...

Thank you! I'm looking forward to 30+ more!

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