Monday, August 3, 2009

A Rut....

I have been in a bit of a mood all weekend. I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself, and it's really all for no good reason. I'm young, able bodied, and outgoing. However, I'm not really into going out to bars or clubs and staying up all hours of the night. I'm not a drinker, only on special occasions. I prefer low key gatherings with a few friends, not crowded noisy parties.

I think I'm too finicky. I need to be more outgoing, to reach far inside and pull out my inner extrovert and conquer my fear of talking to a stranger.

I mean seriously! I need to get out of the 'circle' of people I know, and meet someone who doesn't live town. Who knows? Maybe I will meet someone that intrigues me, and can keep my interest. What an idea!?!

The problem is, I don't know where to begin? I'm terrified of going out by myself, I think there is safety in numbers, plus having a friend with is always a good confidence booster.

I have to admit, my biggest fear is growing old alone. I want to be married with children one day.

Any ideas? Advice?



Jessica said...

No advice. You're talking to your twin here. I like small social groups, too. BUT, I can completely understand how you would get in a rut.

Be bold. Does that count for advice? You probably already figured that out though, huh?

MissBliss said...

i know how you feel!!! when i lived in Jacksonville FL for two years, this was my life story, too...did not want to drink and be at bars all night, etc... and I had a bunch of married friends, coworkers, relatives, etc.

do what you love with others...don't be afraid to introduce yourself... bookclubs, art events, sports stuff??? good luck!!! it is hard to get started, but you will and you'll have the ripple effect...

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