Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Water Logged Over Here

Rain, rain....go away!

I've been up the last 2 nights past midnight with two very stubborn dogs. We are dog sitting my "nephew", who is a 150 pound Great Dane, and we have a Boxer of our own. They are both terrified of thunderstorms. On Monday night they irritated my Mom more than me, but last night they camped out in my bedroom. Usually they know better than to come in my room, it's off limits to them - but last night was an exception. The thunder and lighting was constant and their nerves were tore up. I laid a blanket on my floor, and they finally laid down together and fell asleep. If it thundered really loud, they'd start panting and I would say "It's OK. I'm here", and they would calm back down. It was precious!

The Skynyrd/Kid Rock concert was great! We left a little early because they were calling for rain showers, and we were ready anyway. It was fun, but I was really out of my element with the mixed crowd that was there.

This Friday I have tickets to go to Nickelback, hopefully it doesn't rain. They're calling for rain every day, all week! Ugh.

I'm glad it's Wednesday, the week is half over!


Jessica said...

Oh, man. How I sure wish that it would rain like that here, even if it's just a day, or heck, even if it's 5 days!

Have fun at the concert!

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