Thursday, August 27, 2009

So far....

The beginning of the semester has been hectic and fun. I have 4 very good, energetic professors who seem passionate about the respective subjects they are teaching.

This is a good thing! Professors who lack excitement about the material can make me fall asleep in a minute. However, professors who teach without referring to the book or notes are amazing educators.

I have definitely hit the jackpot this semester, and I am excited about my luck!

I also have to tell you how proud I am of myself. I have managed to stay organized and keep my nerves under control. Generally, at the beginning of the semester I am worried about everything, which makes me about unfit to be around. This semester was different. I planned my day in advance, and made sure I had everything prepared and sitting on the counter the night before. Preparing the night before made mornings much easier. I also managed to get up 10 minutes earlier everyday, and get to work about 20-30 minutes early everyday.

This week was a success, and I am happy about that! I have to work tomorrow, but I don't have any classes, and I get to go to lunch with the girls for the first time this week...I need some girl talk!


MissBliss said...

Happy Back to School! Hopefully I am in the same category as your group of profs this sem.... I met 80 new students today, and no matter how many semesters I teach, the first day is always a bit nerve wracking for me and my colleagues, too...

I am definitely not in the "read off powerpoint bullets" camp ;)

Good luck with the rest of the kick off :)

tootie said...

Yay! Good profs make all the difference. Glad all is off to a good start!

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