Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy and Hectic!

My days have consisted of working, class, homework, and potty breaks. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have wanted a Boston Terrier puppy for quite a while, and I finally broke down and bought one last weekend. He is so loving, and adorable!

Last night I went to the Taylor Swift concert, and Dozer had to go to my brothers because we were going to be gone to long to leave him in his pen. He was good, but I missed him while I was gone!! I couldn't wait to get home to see the little guy.

Today I'm being lazy, and he's doing a fabulous job as well. I've folded 3 loads of wash, and I have one in now. I'm watching Carolina and blogging while he's laying next to the chair in his doggy bed sleeping. He's such a sleeper, we are on hour 3 of his nap right now!

Sometime this afternoon I'm going to go do a little grocery shopping, and visit some friends. I'm off tomorrow for the holiday, thank goodness! I have some homework to do.....I have to stop procrastinating!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day holiday.


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