Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drumroll please.....

I quit my job! There is a long story behinds the entire situation, but the bottom line is - I got fed up with the lying and how it was affecting my health. I was literally stressing so much that it was affecting my well being, so I quit. I just up and walked out on November 19th and it felt so good!

On another note, I am enjoying my time at home with the little man until I can find a part-time job. I was going to leave in January, but I was going to give notice and be more professional about it. However, circumstances prevented me from being entirely professional and I packed my office in record time....didn't even shed a tear!!

I hit my 50 pound goal last night at Weight Watchers for a total of 51.4 pounds, and next week the semester will be over!

That's all for now!


tootie said...

Good for you! I hope this is the start to an even better chapter in your life!

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