Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss. Beach Bound, Interior Decorator?

Today was a rather eventful day for Miss. BB (short for Beach Bound, obviously). I generally try to get my errands run on Sunday, but today ended up being my busy day. Of course, we have tax returns burning a hole in our pocket and therefore it is time for the Interior Decorator in me to come out!

My parents have decided to redecorate their bedroom and update both bathrooms with their tax money. We went shopping today for furniture for their bedroom. We found a reasonably priced oak set at a local custom furniture shop. We shopped around at other name brand chain stores for most of the afternoon, but we didn't have any luck finding something that looked sturdy and worth the money. We've been looking for a free standing linen closet/cabinet for the guest bathroom in a black finish that is just the right dimensions, but we haven't had any luck. It looks like we will be ordering that from the local furniture store as well, but first I have to draw up what we are looking for, dimensions and all. I am not an artist, so this should be interesting.

I went to the local home improvement store tonight while on my way to visit with a friend in the hospital. It was fun to walk around and get ideas. I picked out a clean spa-like paint color for the bathroom, a vanity top, faucets for the vanity and the shower, and a new commode. I wrote down names, item numbers and prices. I will definitely take before and after pictures to post.

In addition to the guest bathroom, I am helping my Mom with the master bedroom and bath. Since the master bath is in the master bedroom, we are trying to find bathroom decor that ties into the bedroom decor so both rooms 'flow' together. Make sense? We were going to repaint the entire room, but have since decided on on painting one wall an accent color. My Mom did some really nice border stenciling a couple of years ago and it looks great! We're going to use it as the basis for the decoration in the rest of the room. We haven't had any luck finding any decorative elements such a bed linens, pictures, paint, accent rugs, or a shower curtain. But, I think we will work on that once the furniture actually arrives so we can picture everything in the room, arranged how she wants it.

I am looking forward to helping them with their new projects!

Can you tell I watch far to many TLC and HGTV shows in my free time?



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