Friday, May 15, 2009

First Thing Friday - #2


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1) Summer

I have a friend who has a very nice in the ground pool. A group of us have been known to spend the entire day at her house, floating in the pool. It's one of my favorite parts of summer, aside from spending Saturday afternoons on the lake with the dogs. They love to jump off the boat and go for a swim. It's fun!

2) Pink
I may have mentioned this before, but I'm going to mention it again - I love Vera Bradley's Spring 2009 collection. I have 2 of the prints pictured, which are the 2 in the very back containing the most pink. The one all the way in the back is Cupcakes Pink and I have the large tote to carry my school books around. The one in the middle is the Hope Garden print, and I have that in the Tic-Tac tote, which is a perfectly sized purse that carries all my girly necessities. I love the mix of bright colors and all the pink. After all, pink is my favorite color!

3) Drink
I bought Diet. Dr Pepper Cherry last week because it was on sale. I love Diet Dr. Pepper, because it seriously tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper. Let me be the one to deliver the good news - Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry is amazing! The cherry adds the perfect touch to an already tasty drink! I think Coca-Cola should pay me to be their spokesperson for Diet Dr. Pepper. Or not.


tootie said...

I love going to the pool! I hope to do more of that this summer.

Happy almost-summmer! :)

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