Friday, June 12, 2009

First Thing Friday - #5

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1) Imagination
When I think of imagination, I think of using your imagination and the way in which kids use their imagination. It amazes me every time I have an interaction with a child who has a big imagination. I can't wait until I get into the classroom and learn from these kids. I'm ready to be a teacher!

2) Fancy
Monogram, monogram, monogram! Get it? A monogram makes anything look fancy. I absolutely love anything that is monogrammed. My mouse pad at work (Yes, I blurred out so of my initials) is monogrammed, and I even have memo sheets that are monogrammed. If you want your own monogrammed memo sheets, I suggest A Touch of Whimsy, their stuff is fabulous! I have the citrus daisies memo sheets.

3) Burlesque
Las Vegas! Showgirls are the epitome of Burlesque. I could careless about going to see them, but I'd love to go to Vegas! I've never really been off the east coast, a trip out west would be a welcome change.


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