Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparation for the Semester

The fall semester starts on Monday, therefor I have done everything I can think of to ensure that I am prepared. Of course, after the 1st week of classes, there will be some things that I will need to purchase, but of course - I must wait for the class syllabus before I know exactly what I will need.

I've done a lot of pre-planning. I have all of my books, I bought a new messenger bag, and I have updated my planner. I need to go grocery shopping this weekend to get some things to pack my lunch and have at my desk so I can eat on the go and continue my weight loss journey.

I'm feeling pretty confident about this semester. I am working 40 hours a week, and taking 4 classes (2 during the day, 2 at night). The perk....I am employed by the college, so I can literally walk to class. I must admit when I signed up for 4 classes I was a bit scared. I wondered how I was going to juggle work, school and a social life. Then I remembered, my social life is not all that important right now....getting my degree is. When I have that very important piece of paper, I can be as social as I want to be...but until then, I must remain focused on the goal!

I hoped to have some relaxation before the semester started, however I will only get Saturday and Sunday. I didn't want to take any vacation days, and we had company last weekend so I was constantly on the go.

I am looking forward to rest and relaxation. And no, I did not attempt to water ski or knee board. I floated in my tube and played with the dogs, it was wonderful!



tootie said...

Good for you for staying focused on your goal! And that's awesome that you're within walking distance of your classes. Best of luck as you start your semester!

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