Monday, September 28, 2009

Maniac Monday!

Today, it's just another day. Right?

I got to work to find out that the "manager" of the department, whom I do not report to, has failed to follow the rules and effectively communicate once again. She's an idiot. I told her my very own special way, by reply e-mail - stating the rules. Which she should know....since she's a manager. Ugh.

I have to finish writing my paper. I am 3 pages into it, with only 2 to go and I absolutely cannot find my motivation. I better find it today, the rough draft is due tomorrow. It's optional, but I want an A, so I'm doing it.

Weigh in is tonight. I don't feel any lighter this week. Hopefully the scale reads otherwise!

That's all. It's Monday and I'm missing motivation!


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